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2018 Civilian Top Gun Rules

Rider Qualification Requirements

All competitors must fully complete an Entry Form.

All competitors must sign the Waiver and Release of Liability.



Bike Qualification Requirements


Bagger Inspection :

      900 cc engine displacement minimum



Under 300cc :

      Grom, Z's or any bike eligible to enter under 300cc engine size


Scoring Rules


Touch = 1 point

When ANY part of a competitor, (his/her machine or body) touches a cone while in any part of the pattern, no mater how slight, it qualifies as a touch and scores one point.


Displaced cone= 2 points

The base of each cone in the pattern is marked to ensure consistent palcement. Any cone that is moved more than 1/2 of the cone base out of position or knocked over is counted as a displacement. A cone that is rocked, (hit causing it to wobble back and forth), but does not move more than 1/2 of the base out of position is not counted as a displacement, but as a touch. Each displaced cone in a pattern counts for two points. 


Foot Down = 3 points

After start of the run, if a rider places his/her foot on the ground for any reason, it is counted as a foot down. Every foot that touches the ground while in a pattern will be counted individually. A foot down is scored as three points.


Failure to Complete; Bike Down; Out of Pattern

There are several things counted in this point class:

       1- Bike Down- If for any reason, by any cause a rider drops their bike on the ground it is counted as a Failure to Complete.

       2- Out of Pattern- If a rider fails to run the pattern as prescribed in the briefing, or any time the rear wheel of the bike passes outside the center line of a cone pattern it is also scored as a Failure to Complete. 


Each time any of the above occurs will be 25 points in addition to any cone and/or foot point counts listed above. If a rider "blows out of the pattern" (intentionally fails to complete the current pattern and moves to the next one without being directed to do so by a course judge) he/she is assessed a 50 point penalty in addition to any points accrued above.


In the Elimination or "timed" runs, each of the points accrued above is added as the same number of seconds to the time in which the competitor completed the course. Example: If a competitor completes the course in 180 seconds, but touches two cones and knocks one over, then his/her total completion time would be 184 seconds (180 seconds +1+1+2).


On the course

Time will start when the competitor crosses the start line and ends whe the competitor stops with their front tire within the finish box with both feet down. 

DNF- The Chief Judge may stop a competitor from completing a run if he feels it is unsafe for the competitor.

Protests- A Protest will be handled by the Chief Judge and his findings will be final.

Reruns- If a competitor is interfered with during his run by an outside eent, he/she will be allowed a rerun...cone blown over by wind, spectator, judge, etc...



Best score of two runs will be used to qualify top 5 in final run.

Final run will determine finishing order.

Top five best scores will compete in final run. (May be more than five competitors)

In case of a tie for a position in final run a second run off between the tied competitors will determine finishing order.




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