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T3RG's Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Program introduces experienced riders to skills used by motor patrol officers. Learning and practicing precision riding maneuvers is a terrific way to improve your confidence, hone your skills rider and improve riding in tight turns, stop and go traffic and parking lots on a big bike. The exercises have been designed by Motor Patrol Officer trainers who worked with T3RG Motorcycle Schools for many years while developing the course.

If you want to ride like this...go to for registration details.

T3RG Civilian Top Gun Rider Training will prepare you to compete like a pro.



This recent student quote says it all:

" I have never been to a course where we spent so much time on the motorcycles.   On day one we accumulated approximately 20 miles, and on day two we rode another 16 miles for training.  This is quite a bit of seat time for a class and it proved very worthwhile.  It was an exhausting weekend but I learned more from this course than any other I have taken to date."  Macklin R.


For riders who would like to practice or better their precision exercises prior to the competition, T³RG offers a variety of motorcycle safety instruction and skill building training series by Precision Riding experts.

Utilizing current and former motorcycle Police Training Officers, T³RG developed the Civilian Top Gun™ rider training courses.

You will gain greater confidence to:

-     Ride switchbacks more effectively
-     Avoid danger in intersections or hazards

         on roads from large animals or objects

-     Ride in windy conditions
Navigate and ride on gravel roads with

         hills and turns

-     Safely turn at fuel stations (away from

         pumps or away from sudden obstacles

         in crowded parking lots)

-     Avoid traffic dangers

-     Live to look good and ride another day

Civilian Top Gun Rider Training Clinics 1 &2:

Hundreds of turns and braking practice to enhance your skills & ability to control your bike like a pro. Level 2 includes braking and evasion maneuvers at higher speed. 

Maneuvers that could save your life some day ...and make you look good on your bike every day





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