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REGISTER HERE!   Thrill your skills...

don't drop this.

...just beat this.

Here's your chance to register to compete in the 2017 Civilian Top Gun Rider Competition. Win great prizes, trophies and $1,000 1st Place CASH PRIZES* for Motorcycle Competitors   And bragging rights NEVER EXPIRE.

Choose one or more classes to compete, but understand that you must have the appropriate type of motorcycle for that class! Competitors must wear a DOT Approved helmet. Entry fees are $50 per entry per class. See entry form for the legal mumbo jumbo, rules & regulations, and insurance requirements.  



         TO ENTER​




         UHH, PRACTICE.

don't touch this.

$50 entry fee

Riding competition at slow speeds requires precision techniques and extreme balance skills to maneuver through tight turns, small circles and demanding weave patterns. The exercises reflect a rider’s ability to control a large motorcycle, turn in very close quarters, and maintain balance in spite of quick turning maneuvers. Thrilling.

$50 Entry Fee. CASH 1st Place PRIZE. Cruiser / Bagger motorcycles must be 900 cc or greater.

Register for Under 300cc ...Z and Grom Class

$ 20 charity donation

For each $20 Donation to Motorcycle Relief Project you will receive 2 chances to ride your own bike on the Ranges starting Friday at Noon and again starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday. 

$20 DONATION TO Motorcycle Relief Project Entry Fee to NEW Precision Riders. New class of Under 500cc bikes.

Money raised for Motorcycle Relief Project...a Colorado based non-profit providing veterans with adventure rides through the Colorado high country, 

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* Prizes include:  $1,000 CASH AWARD for each Cruiser / Bagger 1st Place Winner; Fay Myers' Gift Certificate for Cruiser / Bagger 2nd Place Winner; and Trophies for each Cruiser / Bagger 3rd Place Winner.

$500 First Prize for Under 300cc motorcycle -  or Grom- entry winner and $100 gift certificate to Fay Myyers for second prize.

All third place winners receive a $50 gift certificate to Fay Myers.

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