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We are having a Biker Buildoff where the Audience Ballot decides which builder will win fantastic prizes including a Grand Prize Custom Paint Job for your next project.  Trophies & prizes for 2nd & 3rd Place.  And we'll pour on the media exposure and recognition to boot.  Don't miss out on this!

Biker Buildoff Rules

  1.    Submit the Entry Form below & pay your $25 Entry Fee (see below).  You get in FREE to the Event all weekend. 

  2.    Give your bike a project name.

  3.    Can be 2 years old to a new project.

  4.    Post picture to Civilian Top Gun Rider Competition of project start with application.
  5.    Submit progress pictures and brief explanation (by October 1st).
  6.    Keep log of costs.
  7.    Keep log of time spent.
  8.    Must be running and roadworthy, and ready to roll Saturday morning with event judges and the State Police to the

         Civilian Top Gun Event site (must have trip permit or insurance).

  9.    The ride is designed to "break in" each bike and ensure they're truly roadworthy before you reach the bike show.  If a

         problem emerges that prevents the bike from running, the builder is allowed one hour to repair it before he/she is

         disqualified.  (The disqualification may be waived by the competing builders).

  10.  At the bike show, the bikes will be showcased and a winner decided by an audience ballot.

  11.  Winner must be willing to return with winning ride next year as reigning “Civilian Top Gun Builder Champion” title holder.

​>>> read the terms & conditions

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